Saturday, April 4, 2015

KONSTRUKTION No. 06 on Texture (detail)

As of the end of March the first quarter of this year-long project is complete.  I've created an entire series of the 21 on  18" x 24" textured grounds and found it to take about 2 1/2 weeks in total.  Now I'll turn toward 'looking' at the photo references and cross stitched images as I move from these graphic, two-dimensional images toward more fleshed out, three-dimensional works the goal being a revival of drawing skills long neglected.

KONSTRUKTION No. 12 on Texture (detail)
I also completed 21 small studies on a lace texture just to see how the images work cropped and on a smaller scale.

KONSTRUKTION No. 21 on Lace (detail)

KONSTRUKTION No.  06 on Lace (detail)

KONSTRUKTION No. 01 on Lace (detail)

Drying in the studio

And, finally, I've finished my home art gallery where the works will be displayed as I go in order to determine what works and what needs to be addressed.

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