Sunday, January 4, 2015

21 KONSTRUKTIONS: a Language of Thought in Paintings


This is the second suite in the 21 KONSTRUKTIONS project and is a continuation of my artistic research.  The drawings and paintings created over the course of this year will reference my first series:  21 KONSTRUKTIONS: Cross Stitch.  

As with the first weblog, progress will be posted on the fourth of each month for the duration of the suite.   There will be little in the way of commentary as my choice is to let the imagery speak.

To date I have several prototypes to begin the process:  

Images on Paper

Images on Canvas

Based on these early works the first three months of 2015 will focus on the creation of a variety of interesting grounds upon which the 21 KONSTRUKTIONS will be drawn and painted over the remaining nine months of the year.

The final works will be large, multimedia paintings on paper with a minimum dimension of 24" ensuring very physical, gestural works as a juxtaposition to the tiny, finely detailed cross stitched pieces.

I consider the images posted this month to be the benchmark of my progress looking forward to an intensive year of studio practice in 2015.

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